Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor


Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor


Price: $139.71

The Clearblue easy fertility monitor is the most accurate and popular monitor available on the market. This is the only monitor which can detect the presence of luteinizing and estrogen hormones.

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Without question, the Clearblue easy fertility monitor is the leading model on the market.  Having received excellent reviews from many consumers around the world, this device sets the standard by which all fertility monitors are measured.  In fact, the Clearblue easy fertility monitor is the most recommended model by OB/GYNs.  The reason why the Clearblue easy fertility monitor is so popular is because it obviously works extremely well.

Using a Clearblue urine test stick, this monitor is capable of determining the days in which you are at high and peak fertility.  Unlike other fertility monitors, this model detects the presence of both luteinizing (LH) and estrogen (E3G) hormones, with a 99% accuracy rate of LH surge detection.  Because of its accuracy, this device has been credited for helping many couples conceive in relatively brief periods of time.

Even if you have irregular menstrual cycles, the Clearblue easy fertility monitor can help you determine at which points in your monthly cycle that you are most fertile.  In fact, the more irregular your periods are, the more likely you are to benefit from using this monitor.

The Clearblue easy fertility monitor features:

Commonly identifies five to six fertile days
The only monitor which detects and evaluates luteinizing (LH) and estrogen (E3G) hormones
All natural and non-invasive testing
Ideal for women with regular and irregular menstrual cycles
LH surge detection with incredible 99% accuracy

It is important to note that if you do purchase this model, it does not include many urine test sticks.  Although complete Clearblue easy fertility monitor “kits” are available, they actually cost around $9.00 above that of which you would pay if you purchased the monitor and test sticks separately.  For this reason, we do not recommend purchasing the kit.  The urine test sticks needed for use with the Clearblue easy fertility monitor are available directly on the product page, where additional consumer reviews may also be examined as well.

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