Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor


Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor


Price: $485.00

This Lady-Comp fertility monitor maintains a 99.3% accuracy rate and is commonly used by women that wish to avoid birth control pills and other contraceptives.

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This Lady-Comp fertility monitor is one of the most accurate non-urine based monitors available on the market, boasting a 99.3% rate of accuracy.  This monitor is often used by those that wish to avoid birth control pills and other contraceptives, but may be used by those that wish to conceive also.  Although widely popular in Europe, Lady-Comp’s fertility monitor is quickly becoming a quite popular in the United States.

Unlike other fertility monitors, this Lady-Comp model does not rely on urine or saliva for analysis.  This Lady-Comp LCF1001 fertility monitor uses basal temperature to learn and precisely determine when you are least and most fertile in your monthly cycles.  Although this model does have to be “trained” to the unique characteristics of your body, it is highly accurate (99.3%) for those with regular and irregular menstrual cycles.  Because of this, many women choose to use the Lady-Comp fertility monitor instead of birth control pills and contraceptives.

The Lady Comp LCF1001 fertility monitor features:

Easy to use with no urine or saliva testing
Thirty second daily basal temperature testing daily
Accuracy up to 99.3%
Use to conceive or to avoid pregnancy
Easy cycle data capture and print out of results

For a fertility monitor, the Lady-Comp LCF1001 is indeed the most accurate non-urine based unit available.  Considering the overwhelming majority of reviews, and its ease of use, this fertility monitor is perfect for those that do not want to continually spend money on test sticks.

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