OvaCue Fertility Monitor


OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue Fertility Monitor


Price: $249.00

This OvaCue fertility monitor uses a saliva based test to determine which days you are most fertile in your cycle. This unit is FDA approved and boasts a 98% rate of accuracy.

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This OvaCue fertility monitor is one of the few FDA approved monitors approved to predict ovulation up to a week in advance.  Unlike other fertility monitors, this device does not analyze urine.  This monitor uses measures saliva for changes in electrolyte concentrations, which typically occurs when an increase in the hormone estrogen takes place.  While the accuracy of this fertility monitor is just one percent less than the leading urine based monitors, it is still a highly accurate device.

The OvaCue fertility monitor features:

FDA approved
98% accuracy
Saliva based fertility testing
Full screen colored display
May be used without purchasing additional supplies

The main advantage for those using this product is that it does not use test sticks.  Considering the cost of test sticks, and a urine based fertility monitor, this OvaCue monitor may actually be less expensive to use on a daily basis.  Additionally, the saliva test is actually quite easy to accomplish without any mess.

While the reviews on the OvaCue fertility monitor are divided, it is important to note that it is FDA approved.  With a 98% rate of accuracy, it is still quite capable of determining the most fertile days in your cycle.

Conclusion Rating
4 stars
4 stars
Ease of Use
5 stars
Positive Reviews
4 stars

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